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  • 6 Books To Read If You Are A Rental Property Investor

    From managing your rental properties to growing your property portfolio and earn more money. Investing in properties is one of the many ways to earn extra income and build a promising career. If you are currently in the property investment industry and have one or multiple rental investment properties in Australia, seeking advise and self-educating to grow and properly manage your portfolio is a great way to learn. We have compiled some of the great books for property investors below. Image: Unsplash Investing in Rental Properties for Beginners In this book - starters will understand the basics of sourcing, buying, renovating, and renting a property. A comprehensive guide on real estate investment strategies is also covered here. Complicated real estate topics into simple, and easy-to-understand actionable plans are one of the best insights you can find in this book. This is great for people who never considered being in this industry in the 1st place. Strategies on how to better analyze properties so you can quickly calculate risk and potential growth opportunities are also included. This book also offers insight on managing several properties while also contributing to the community. Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide This new guide to real estate investing by Symon covers all aspects of this industry—from property analysis to the complexities of commercial real estate investing. You will find the first steps of how to look for the right properties, how to manage day-to-day activities (as a landlord or passive investor), and explaining the responsibilities of safely investing, both actively and passively. With his balanced approach in going through all the hoops of property investing, explaining complicated topics to beginners while including insights that will appeal to even the savviest of investors. The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor As certified CPAs and real estate investors, Amanda Han and Matthew MacFarland offer first-hand insight and advice on how real estate and investing taxes work, providing the foundation you need before you invest. This 2020 tax guidebook is targeted at novice real estate investors but can be helpful to mid-level investors as well. Han and MacFarland draw real-world examples to explain complex tax laws, making it easy for readers with no background in real estate, investing, or finance to understand tax codes and make decisions that will favor them financially. The Book on Rental Property Investing If you don’t have time to manage a property or work as a landlord, passive investing might sound more appealing to you. This book of Brandon Turner’s 2015 passive investment guide provides the educational foundation you’ll need to understand the investing and real estate world before diving into different passive investing strategies. It offers an objective view of common real estate strategies, allowing you to decide which method best suits your lifestyle, financial goals, and current budget. The author started renovating and selling houses at age 21 and currently co-hosts the BiggerPockets podcast. Buy It, Rent It, Profit! Successfully renting multiple properties as a landlord or property manager takes time and effort, which is why Bryan Chavis’ 2017 book explains how to make money while managing rentals. This book details how to set yourself up for success but provides a formula and advice to help you make the right buying decisions. It tackles how to market your properties, manage properties and tenants, and grow your rental portfolio. Chavis shares his knowledge learned over the years as a founder of The Landlord Property Management Academy and top property management coach for Keller Williams. This provides detailed advice on all aspects of becoming a landlord and even offers sample contracts, letters of intent (LOIs), and other legal forms. Hold: How to Find, Buy, and Rent Houses for Wealth (Millionaire Real Estate) The most important aspects of investing in real estate are knowing how to read the market, understand property values, and assess risk before committing to any investment, passive or active. This book is written by 6 investment specialists and will help you better understand what to look for in a property to minimize risk. “Hold” will take you through every stage of the buying process: finding the right properties, calculating the costs and anticipated ROI, buying properties, and then holding these investments to maximize your profit long-term. Published in 2012, but still offers a strategic formula designed to help both new and current real estate investors find rental properties that will remain profitable for years to come.

  • The Next Big Thing in Property Investing: Remote real estate investing

    Access to nationwide inventory and a complete suite of property investing services helps investors buy beyond their backyard. This and the current pandemic has then paved the way for an increased number of investors that do remote real estate investing. Property prices in major cities are at an all-time high so first-time home buyers and savvy investors are all eyes in regional areas and interstate to build their portfolios. Property prices are booming across major cities and along Australia’s East Coast. Economists in Sydney alone predicted a 19% rise in 2021. With the current trend of city prices at an all-time high, savvy investors are scouting regional and interstate areas where properties are still affordable but still promises higher returns and capital growth. Buying in regional areas close to major cities has been happening for quite a while now, but due to the pandemic - it has greatly increased with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Remote Property Investing - What is it? Remote property investing is when you have investment property/ies in another city, state, or regional centre outside of where you reside. Since the pandemic, property investors have changed the way they see property. People are now considering unfamiliar territories for opportunities. New Technologies and Fintech With the advancement of technology, more tools and information are available across all platforms. Property can be viewed using 3D, augmented realities, and via virtual tours. Discussion and signing are all via software and apps that can be accessed, signed, and reviewed even on just any mobile device. COVID - 19 has brought about an unconventional way of buying properties that need not be viewed on-site and in the comfort of buyer’s homes. Access to Professionals and Consultants With this shift, engaging consultants and professionals have become the core of purchasing properties off-site and remotely. Buyers are educated and well-informed now more than ever. There are still pros and cons but the key is to be able to work with people who can gear you towards the right decisions. Educate yourself and gather all the data and information you can get. Do all the double checks until you are 100% certain all is good to sign off on. Call us at Positive Income Properties as we do all the heavy lifting with helping our clients buy a turn-key property that we will deliver with reliable tenants. We have a huge selection of properties you can choose from and are happy to discuss your Goals Aspirations and Budget.

  • Property Investing: Expectations vs. Reality

    Property investing is a great income and wealth generator if done with proper research and realistic expectations. Many 1st-time property investors usually just dive in with a lack of knowledge and just go with the flow of the current market growth. We know because we have interviewed and asked most of our clients why they want to do it now more than ever. Photo: Unsplash Knowing how you can differentiate assumptions from reality will get you started on the right footing. Expectation: Property investing is fairly easy Anybody can tell you it is easy and you’ll earn a lot of money with very little risk. That is usually the most common pitfall of onboarding a newbie property investor without setting proper expectations. Listen to someone who will lead you to a smart financial decision and not rush you into something without careful planning. It is not easy. Reality: Property investing requires time, thought, and careful consideration With proper thought, careful consideration, research and data, and a knowledgeable property consultant to guide you - all will turn out well. Anyone can learn how to make the right choices for their needs when opting to invest in property, but the process does require that potential clients also invest time and energy into learning how they can choose a property that will meet their needs. Expectation: Only financial experts and seasoned property investors are qualified to make money from investment properties We have worked with many property investors who do not have any background in finance. Do not be intimidated. Yes experts and seasoned property investors have an advantage but there is no exclusivity - anyone can become a property investor regardless of background. Reality: You can successfully get started with property investing – even if you’ve never done anything like it before Your lack of knowledge should not be a hindrance to unlocking great potential. If you believe you can learn it then you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities. Learn and work with someone who can give you a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. Sound financial decisions are backed by education. If you have the time to learn the basics of property investing, you’re off to an excellent start. Expectation: I can’t be a property investor because I do not have the money When you hear of a property investor - you may be picturing a wealthy person with lots of cash at his or her disposal. It almost feels like you have to be rich to get started with property; it takes money to make money, right? Reality: You don’t need to have a six-figure salary or boundless expendable income to start investing in the property market in Australia. With a sound investment strategy, the ability to network professionally, and some education on how to get going with property investment – you’ll find the entire process to be far more approachable and feasible than ever before. You don’t need to be a member of the elite to grow a hefty property portfolio. All you need is a good credit standing so you can mortgage a property investment to start with - or use other equity options - it’s not always a cold cash purchase :) How to get started in property investing? Talk to people who help both first-time and sophisticated investors with finding properties that fit their needs. This is by discussing their Goals, Aspirations and establishing a budget. At Positive Income Properties, we have a number of investment sectors and can match your Risk and Reward factors to these different sectors. We also have access to very competent brokers who can tailor a finance package based on your circumstances that will deliver great results.

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  • Lot 91 Vanessa Crescent Cotswold Hills QLD 4350

    Lot 91 Vanessa Crescent Cotswold Hills QLD 4350 Available $469,275 Property Description CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE CODE: 025 RENTAL RETURN: 4.8% Weekly Rent: $430 Package Price: $469,275 HOUSE AND LAND | HIGH RETURN - GREAT LOCATION Ideal Rental Investment or Family Home Complete Full-Turn Key Package With Builder Inclusions For Complete Features - CLICK Image to check Brochure Property Details Property Type House and Land Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2 Contact Agent Sales and Client Care 07 5408 4151 Square Footage Land Size: 617m2 Number of Storeys ​ Year Built ​ Property Location ​

  • Lot 94 Vanessa Crescent Cotswold Hills QLD 4350

    Lot 94 Vanessa Crescent Cotswold Hills QLD 4350 Available $480,519 Property Description CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE CODE: 025 RENTAL RETURN: 4.7% Weekly Rent: $430 Package Price: $480,519 HOUSE AND LAND | HIGH RETURN - GREAT LOCATION Ideal Rental Investment or Family Home Complete Full-Turn Key Package With Builder Inclusions For Complete Features - CLICK Image to check Brochure Property Details Property Type House and Land Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2 Contact Agent Sales and Client Care 07 5408 4151 Square Footage Land Size: 617m2 Number of Storeys ​ Year Built ​ Property Location ​

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