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  • Why purchase in QLD as an NSW investor? Sunshine state builders record 4X rise in new home enquiries

    Increasing high demand has led to Brisbane and Regional QLD producing some of the nation's healthiest rental yields (4.1% and 5.0% respectively for homes and 6.7 and 7% for Dual Key). Combine this with rising house prices from a flock of sea changers moving north or returning to Australia and you've got the perfect recipe for a high cash flow positive, high capital growth investment at a fraction of the comparative Sydney property price. Below are some of the summarised information from articles we’ve researched from ABC Gold Coast, SQM Research, and Metricon this week. Sources: ABC Gold Coast, SQM Research, Metricon The bottom line; Builders say relocation companies have experienced a 400 % increase in demand for quotes from Sydney and Melbourne residents One major builder says new home sales are up 80% in south-east Queensland Access to tradespeople could come under pressure amidst building boom Metricon Queensland general manager Luke Fryer said new homes sales were up 80% and the level of enquiry in local property had been extraordinary. "The major relocation companies are quoting 400% increases in quotes to people who are wanting pricing to relocate from Sydney and Melbourne up to the Gold Coast and Greater Brisbane," Mr Fryer said. Interstate migration and government stimulus measures have helped boost new homes sales and building approvals across south-east Queensland, he said. "We are seeing a significant increase in domestic migration. "The level of enquiry and level of people committing to building a new home on the Gold Coast and south-east Queensland has really been phenomenal." "I'd suggest some 80 to 90% up year on year. "It's been an extraordinarily positive result and response from Australians who do have certainty around their employment." Darryl Meehan director of Q Coast Homes said demand for renovations was unprecedented and unlike anything he had experienced in over 40 years. "The renovation sector is doing even better than the new home market, especially on the Gold Coast," Mr Meehan said. "I think that has just gone in absolutely the biggest boom … its [ever] been." 75,143 households applied for a $25,000 grant under the Homebuilder scheme as of the end of December, nearly double Treasury forecasts (Supplied: Metricon) Mr Meehan said 2021 was looking very positive and the Federal Government's Homebuilder and Job Keeper programs had saved the industry. "Every builder on the Gold Coast that was able to survive through the pandemic has had an increase in volume, I would say somewhere between 20 to 25 per cent." Mr Meehan said interstate migration was putting pressure on property prices for existing homes too. "Properties are selling before they are listed for sale," Mr Fryer said. "In the olden days that would be sight unseen but now with modern technology with virtual walkthroughs and the like, they're able to view the property digitally and they're purchasing." What are you waiting for? We're really pleased to be able to support our Sydney-based Clients. Don't pass up this opportunity to receive a truly tailored service that suits your investment needs. We have over 500 properties ready to build that will generate Positive Income from 5% to 14%. Call now and we can have a Free Loan Health Check done for you to get the best-valued loan we can and get you into a great position to grow your wealth.

  • Tips On How You CAN Improve Your Finances this 2021

    Want a big change? Great news! 2021 is the year to take control of your finances. Here’s why - with record low-interest rates, greater competition between lenders and more home loan products with huge and tempting offerings, you can’t just let that slip past so you can set a better future ahead. Photo: Unsplash Here are some tips you can do to take advantage of the current financial trend. Know where you are in terms of your finances Before you do anything, know your financial situation first and how you are handling your current finances. How much money are you earning and how much of it goes to your debts and other expenses? How much is left - do you save or just go by the paycheck? These things matter a lot. Checklist your debts and loans - go with those that are high in interests first. These are what drains your pocket each time every month. Is there something you can do about it or make it better? Yes. Look at how much is the current interest rates - find out exactly what you owe on your home or car loan and how this compares to the overall value of your property/car. This could help with reducing your debt repayments. Many lenders now offer lower interest rates to borrowers with a low loan-to-value ratio or LVR (generally under 60%). Just calculate the LVR by dividing your loan balance by the value of your property/car. Consolidate Credit Card Debts - if you have more than 1 We know that credit cards come with higher interest rates more than anything. That’s because personal loans come with much higher interest rates than home loans. If you have more than 1 credit card, you are actually paying off double high-interest rates and fees. If you can get an offer of consolidating them and just paying off a single debt - you then only pay a single high-interest rate. Get a home loan now - if you still don’t have one As the official cash rate is now lower than before, the mortgage market has become more competitive as well. Take advantage of the new non-traditional and online lenders' low introductory rates to new borrowers - not to mention major banks have also reduced their rates. So expect to get a fixed-rate home loan with interest rates as low as 2%. Comparing all the deals available in the market now - you can also consider variable-rate home loans, in case you are paying more than what’s being offered now - best to call your bank to match it or if they refuse, you can then refinance it for a better rate long-term. After all, the difference between an interest rate of 4% and an interest rate of 2.5% on a 25-year mortgage for $600,000 is an impressive $475 a month or $5,700 a year. Think about how much you could’ve saved! It’s time to invest in other assets Not all debt is bad. There are debts that would give you cash flow, not just expenses. All businesses shell out money and owe money to start something big. With a cash flow investment built at a time like this, you get the best deals in the market in terms of loans and rates. If you are looking into property investments - property prices are positive, requiring very little money for equity and lower interest rates. This is the best time to grow that property portfolio you’ve been dreaming about. Investment properties most of the time pay for itself when managed properly. If you don’t want to buy, you can get a lease option and spend very little on development so you can have it as a rent to rent accommodation for a certain number of years - without you buying or paying for a mortgage. As with any investment decision, this approach isn’t risk-free and you should discuss your plans. You can call us to see how we can find you a property that fits your goals and budget, that will allow you to grow a great portfolio of passive income Positive Income Properties. Be consistent Consistency is key in any financial journey. You can’t just stick to it today and forget about it for a couple of months. A sloppy step - you go back to being broke or not saving any money once again. This is because all loans - good and bad are mostly long-term. It piggybacks and sticks. Taking realistic steps is key - make sure that it is something you can do in the long-term. It’s also important that you control bad habits once you start saving and earning better. It’s very easy to get excited and slack off when you think you’ve saved and earned enough. Call or email us to see how we can help you in these changing times.

  • The Uncommon Case of COVID recession - House Prices Goes Up Again

    You would think that house prices should fall during recessions because that’s exactly what happened years back. During the 1900 recession, home values in Sydney and Melbourne dropped 10% - and at that time we are talking about a much higher number of jobless people and super high-interest rates. Source: Brisbane Times Today, you would expect depressing home values as people just sell below market value and do not have the capacity to pay rent due to job loss - But NO. Quoting the below report and standpoint of an economist from an article of Brisbane Times a few days ago: In fact, despite rising joblessness during COVID-19, overall household income growth has actually increased. Our national savings rate is up, not down. We are not the only economy to witness this phenomenon. In recession- and COVID-ravaged London, average home values have topped £500,000 ($886,000) for the first time, rising 9.7 per cent over the year to November thanks to pent-up demand and stamp duty relief. In fact, says economist Saul Eslake, compared to the property boom seen in other countries during the pandemic, Australia’s rebound has been quite modest, so far. “I think it’s important to view what’s happening to Australian house prices in a global context,” he explains. “Residential property prices have been remarkably resilient in most countries thanks to record low interest rates and ample supply of credit.” Globally since Feb of 2020 - Australia is still considered slow to rise in prices compared to countries like Canada, US, UK, Singapore, HongKong, Norway and Germany. Even New Zealand has gone up at 13.5%! Is it the same though on all Australian states? NO. As the report and article stated, the trend towards working from home saw regional home values jump 6.9 per cent in 2020, compared to a 2 per cent gain in capital city prices, according to CoreLogic data. In regional NSW, home prices jumped 8.3 per cent. In regional Victoria, they were up 5.6 per cent. Second-tier capital cities have also experienced a boom, with Adelaide house prices up 5.9 per cent, Hobart 6.1 per cent, Canberra 7.5 per cent and Darwin 9 per cent. Working from home has eliminated the drawback of onerous commutes if buyers move further away from CBD locations in search of lower prices. Meanwhile, time cooped up with families at home has driven a preference for detached homes over smaller apartments – reversing a decades-long trend. While capital city detached house values rose 2.6 per cent last year, unit values held steady – rising just 0.2 per cent. How long this trend towards decentralisation lasts will depend heavily on employer and employee attitudes to working from home post-COVID. Higher prices - is it because of lower interest rates? In essence, a lower interest rate allows borrowers to service a larger loan from a given level of income. During these times, Restrictions on lending have also been eased. Last year, the Reserve Bank stated that interest rates would not rise for three years and the Morrison government relaxed responsible lending rules for banks. Westpac chief economist Bill Evans thinks ultra-low interest rates, combined with the government’s focus on growing the economy and desire not to over-regulate bank lending, will create a very, very positive environment for the housing market. Here are a couple more points: Melbourne home values will rise 12 per cent over the two years following this December quarter. Sydney will be up 14 per cent and Brisbane 20 per cent. According to CoreLogic, Sydney home values – including units and detached houses – still need to regain another 3.9 per cent to surpass their July 2017 peak Melbourne values are still 4.1 percent below their March 2020 peak Much of the demand is coming from first-time buyers, who appear to perceive an opportunity to get into the housing market without facing the competition from cashed-up immigrants or negatively geared domestic investors At PIP we specialise in South East Queensland and Central New South Wales as we have seen these areas continue to thrive and show low rental vacancies and great property price increases due to migration from the South. Do you have money in the bank or shares? Would you like to convert that into bricks and mortar that will deliver 5 to 7% gross return with residential tenants? If so call or email and we can arrange a time to discuss what we do and how we can help you.

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  • Co-Living Spaces | Rental Property Investments

    Co-Living Spaces: It is not just a room. It is a better way to live. Co-living is an innovative new type of rental accommodation for Australian seniors. ​ WHAT IS SENIOR’S CO-LIVING? ​ Residents occupy a bedroom with ensuite in a shared house environment under a shared tenancies lease. Each room, with a full ensuite and wardrobe, is a secure private space for each resident to enjoy. Encouraging socialisation and easing feelings of loneliness, the kitchen, living, and dining area in the home is a shared space where residents can enjoy socialising with their housemates. Our homes are designed to facilitate a collaborative "community" culture where residents share similar interests and values and look out for each other 8% Rental Return ​ Low-interest rates will allow for a high positive cash flow Socially responsible investment ​ Suppling elder people with accommodation Multiple Rental Income Streams ​ 2 to 4 tenants helps reduce any nill income periods Stable Tenants ​ Elderly people who are not rowdy or unpredictable Long Rental Tenure Elderly people who will be happy to have a secure living arrangement Income Guarantee ​ The property manager has arranged an income guarantee based on this business model Residential investment Not Commercial Everyone needs a place to live WHY SENIOR’S RENTAL? ​ Seniors aged 65 years to double by 2056 50% of seniors to be renting by 2056 65 years old double in the same time range to 543,000 Older women are particularly at risk due to systemic issues like gender pay gap Significant lack of ageing-friendly accommodation ​ The private rental market will become increasingly important in accommodating the growing number of older households. As more and more households rent into retirement, there will be an increasing need for secure, stable, affordable and appropriate housing options in the private rental sector. ​ WHAT IS COVERED? ​ YOUR SERVICE INCLUDES: Advertising your property for rent Hosting inspections and open homes Finding and screening tenants Managing the lease sign-up process Dealing with day-to-day tenant demands Managing the on-going reporting process Managing budgets and financial records Conducting regular property inspections Managing the receipt and disbursement of rent Complaints, evictions, and other breach issues Knowing specific local landlord-tenant laws and looking after the tenant Managing routine and ad hoc maintenance Download the Co-Living Brochure

  • Subscribe | Positive Income Properties | Property Investment

    Sign Up and Get Updates via Email Property investors, you've come to the right spot! We will send you the hottest property deals in the market weekly. We'll provide the resources you need to make sure your property investing journey is as positive as it can get. I agree to recieve updates and property deals via email. Submit Thanks for submitting! Please leave this field empty. Recent Articles Why purchase in QLD as an NSW investor? Sunshine state builders record 4X rise in new home enquiries 43 Write a comment Tips On How You CAN Improve Your Finances this 2021 42 Write a comment The Uncommon Case of COVID recession - House Prices Goes Up Again 25 Write a comment 1

  • Imperial Square Lifestyle Living | Property Investment | Gold Coast

    Designed to be a world-class destination, Imperial Square is a four-stage development across a site of over 14,000m2 and will consist of vertically integrated apartments and a dynamic commercial heart, capturing Australia’s second-largest non-resource export sector, tourism. ​ Stage One of this majestic precinct will see the creation of the first tower, Regal Residences, with a total of 143 apartments, two luxurious rooftop penthouses and a 4.5 star hotel. ​ Exclusive to both residents and guests is a lap pool, steam and sauna room and state-of-the art gymnasium. INVEST IN AN EMPIRE Become part of this magnificent empire and experience the epitome of living, set to be the new cosmopolitan heart of the Gold Coast’s CBD, Southport. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE SOUTHPORT’S MOST EXCLUSIVE NEW ADDRESS ​ Welcome to a lifestyle of luxury, convenience and supreme quality at the Regal Residences. Future residents will have a choice of a range of premium off-the-plan one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, with two exclusive four-bedroom penthouses overlooking the stunning Southport landscape. With a 4.5 star hotel, regal residences afford leisure and luxury with an expansive foyer and bar that welcomes you home. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Invest like the professionals - Secure a $500,000 property for $2000*, and settle mid-2022. World Class residential and hotel property on the Gold Coast. ​ *T&C's apply LEVEL 1 I COMMERCIAL ​ LEVEL 16 I ROOF DECK, RESIDENT’S LOUNGE, STEAM ROOM, OUTDOOR DINING AREA ​ LEVEL 17 I PENTHOUSE MEZZANINE ​ Ocean Facing and Hinterland Facing ​ Skylines from Level 10 up

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