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  • Investing in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

    The demand for Specialist Disability Accommodation is increasing as People with a Disability continue to understand the benefits of the NDIS, National Disability Insurance Scheme, subsequently apply and receive their NDIS Plans. The SDA sector continues to improve for the Participant as the NDIA listens to the feedback from Participants and Providers alike and revises the rules accordingly. SDA is a good investment for Property Investors It definitely is especially for those future retirees wishing to self-fund their retirement with Property Investment – ask us why! We could go on expounding the virtues of Investing in this Space, yes ‘Space’, ‘Disability Space’ – it is a softer and nicer way of saying ‘Industry’ describing what many Australians are dedicating their careers to i.e., helping others in need. Back to Investing – the Government through the NDIS has squarely landed the responsibility to supply the Housing to the Australian public. In turn, the NDIS Support (SDA Payment) enables eligible Participants to pay much Higher Rentals resulting in Higher Returns for these very Special Homes. The Government has made it possible through the ATO for the Investor/Landlord to use the 34-year-old model of Property Investment with relevant Tax Benefits. It is a Win-Win situation; one cannot do without the other! #specialistdisabilityaccommodation #sda #sdaservices #sdasales #sdainvestment #sdainvesting #investinginsda #investinsda #sdapropertyinvestor #sdafaq #sdayields #highpropertyyields #highroi #sdatenant #sdatenantlongevity #sdatenantsecurity #sdapropertymanagement #longtermrental #ndissda #ndispropertyinvestor #participantowner #participantbuysda #participantsdapurchase

  • How you can scale your property portfolio - some tips!

    Want to go from being a beginner landlord to a property investor with a large profitable portfolio? Here are some of the many things you need to consider. Anyone can scale a property portfolio - but experience and knowledge are crucial. Start small - in case you fail your risks are low. Start smart - in case you fail - you still have a valuable investment for cushion. Photo: Unsplash Learn all the industry ropes and find a mentor or business who can help you do what they have done. If you’re confident you’ve got what it takes and you’re ready to take the next step in your property business, here are the top 5 tips to help you scale - 1. Diversify Many investors do this to lessen the risk since the property market is always changing. In the event of a property market shift like COVID, with a diverse portfolio, you can steer your way through challenging times and still make money. Diversifying your portfolio by investing in different property strategies like Buy to lets, HMOs, developing, and having a mix of commercial and residential property types will give you flexibility. Investing in different locations where there are different opportunities available is something you might want to look into. 2. Relationships To scale any business, relationships are key. In property, a solid connection of suppliers and people that will help you take on properties and make a success of them is your lifeline. Trust is key in building relationships. This includes anyone involved in the property from tradespeople, estate agents, finance brokers, project managers, deal sourcers, and especially brokers who work for you but ARE PAID BY THE BUILDER. 3. Finance Deals Like any business, finance is your make or break. A finance broker will be able to advise on a range of options, some less conventional than others, to help you scale your portfolio in ways you wouldn’t have thought of. Positive Income Properties works with specialised brokers experts in finance for NDIS, Duplex, Dual key, and Co-living properties. In any investment strategy, it’s crucial you keep your finances in check and credit in good order. This will give you access to the best finance deals available to help you buy more property and grow your portfolio. The exit strategy of your investment will have a big impact on the finance available to you, lenders will be more willing to offer you better deals if your finances are in good standing. 4. Strategy Some investors invest for cash flow, while some invest for an increase in the value of the property (capital gains). However, by diversifying your investments it is possible to benefit from both strategies. Invest and diversify with a clear strategy - you have to be able to adapt to market changes and personal circumstances. Take advise when offered and do your due diligence in a timely manner. The key is to take calculated risks by understanding your strengths and weaknesses as well as the market and the opportunities available to you. Lessen the risk with knowledge and a plan and a goal. 5. Brokers While property brokers will charge a fee, some will be paid by the builder at no cost to you. Brokers will do their best to find you the best investment opportunity and you don't have to waste time and effort by doing it yourself. Imagine an unchartered location - investing in an area you are not familiar with and do not have time to search for and view properties can be very challenging. In order to scale, you need to acquire as much valuable property as possible, and brokers such as Positive Income Properties can make this possible in a shorter space of time than you could do on your own.

  • Ideal Types of Properties for New Investors

    Yes, there definitely are ideal types of properties that a beginner should look into. A lot of great investment properties are up for sale now more than ever but that does not mean you will jump right into it. You have to set certain criteria to see if they’d make a great starter investment property. Here are the three types of properties we recommend, if you are after a positive cash flow potential. Photo: Unsplash Income Property #1: Dual Keys and Duplexes Perhaps the best way for new investors to get started is with multi-family homes. They are a gem to find - and easily get sold! Property investors know these are great investments, thanks to the diversified risk. The best way to explain why these are great income properties for new investors is with numbers. Let’s say you have two homes on the market. The first costs $500K and is a single-family detached home. The other option is a $650K dual key. The dual key isn’t much larger but still commands $150K more due to extra build costs such as the dividing wall which is fire and soundproof, the extra bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Even though the dual key has a larger mortgage payment, the fact you will be able to fill it with TWO tenants instead of one makes a huge difference. Each tenant can pay a bit less than they would for the entire single-family home, but you actually make more money. This leverage grows even more if you’re able to get a larger unit, such as a triplex or quadplex. Another factor to consider is maintenance cost. Even though a dual key has some separate entities (like the air conditioning units and walls), they also share a few. For example, it still has only 4 external walls, whereas owning two single-family homes would mean maintaining 8 walls. If something happens to the roof, you’re only dealing with one large roof instead of two smaller, separate ones. These maintenance savings become even more substantial if you get a building that houses even more families. Income Property #2: Co-Living Investing in the new Coliving has two great results, the owner has more money coming in and the property is helping people find a place to call home. A Coliving home has a few more costs than a normal 4 bedroom home such as more bathrooms, more air conditioning, and communal furniture. Coliving homes make over 40% more than an equivalent house when they are in the correct location. We research with our property management and make great positive income properties with Coliving. Finally, keep in mind the most valuable part of what you’re buying – the land the home sits on. Over time, this land may be the most lucrative part of your investment. A co-living property is also flexible - if you decide to convert to a house and land, there’s no adjustment needed. Income Property #3: Detached Single Family Homes on Sale When most people think of income properties, they generally think of single-family homes. These types of properties are easy to understand, mainly because so many of us have already purchased one for our personal use. These types of properties are great for new real estate investors, but you can’t just buy any home. To help ensure positive cash flow, you need to get a great deal on the property. Why? Mainly because there aren’t as many advantages to renting out these types of properties. You’ll need to rely on a low mortgage rate. That way even if the market goes down and you have to lower rent or have a major maintenance issue, you’ll still be able to maintain positive cash flow. If getting a great deal were easy, everyone would do it! The key is to be patient and keep your eyes open. You will probably need to spend more time looking at different properties than you’d prefer, but that’s okay. It’s all a learning process. Takeaway To be clear, there are a number of other types of income properties you can invest in. For example, you can buy/build a number of coliving homes and rent them out. Another option is to purchase a commercial warehouse, divide it up, and rent out each space to a different small business. Remember to invest in something that you can easily understand and manage. There are options that don’t require an extremely large upfront cash investment- especially if you’re investing on your own. Always think outside the box. New investors are just learning the ins and outs and usually don’t have the cash flow that more experienced investors have. It can be a bit of a problem when looking for investment properties - you have to be open to different strategies and work with partners or experts to steer you off on the right path. 4 out of our 10 clients are 1st-time investors and beginners - and we want them to scale a low-risk, high-yield, and diversified property portfolio. We are happy to make a change in their lives and yours too.

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  • Lot 8 Boyland Way, The Plateau Flinders View QLD 4305

    Lot 8 Boyland Way, The Plateau Flinders View QLD 4305 Available $719,805 Property Description CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE CODE: 030 RENTAL RETURN: 6% Weekly Rent: $820** Package Price: $719,805 DUPLEX | HIGH RETURN - GREAT LOCATION - RARE Ideal Rental Investment or Family Home Complete Full-Turn Key Package With Builder Inclusions 1 - 3 Year Rental Guarantee For Complete Features - CLICK Image to check Brochure Property Details Property Type Duplex Bedrooms 3 + 3 Bathrooms 2 + 1 Contact Agent Sales and Client Care 07 5408 4151 Square Footage Land Size: 450m2 Number of Storeys ​ Year Built ​ Property Location ​

  • Positive Income Properties | Subscribers Deals

    Our Available Property Deals Download Brochures for more details. Contact us if you need more information. Available Lot 4 Narangba QLD 4504 | 2 BEDS Co-Living $446,000 2 2 Land Size: 134m2 Available Lot 4 Narangba QLD 4504 | 3 BEDS Co-Living $456,000 3 3 Land Size: 187m2 Available Lot 107 Seagrass Estate, Deception Bay QLD 4508 Co-Living $510,136 4 3 + 1 Land Size: 280m2 Available Lot 6 Ace Drive Aspire on Hursley Toowoomba QLD 4350 Co-Living $530,253 4 3 + 1 Land Size: 505m2 Available Lot 25 Isabel St Bikeway Estate, Brassall QLD 4305 Co-Living $538,300 4 3 + 1 Land Size: 351m2 Price Increase Lot 7 Stella Court Parkview Green Estate Hillcrest QLD 4118 Co-Living $618,134 4 3 + 1 Land Size: 419m2 Available Lot 294 Mount Pleasant Pakenham VIC 3810 Co-Living $636,016 4 3 + 1 Land Size: 375m2 Available Lot 3891 Rivermint Street, Griffin QLD 4503 Co-Living $639,990 4 3 +1 Land Size: 192m2 Available Lot 10 Beano Street Marsden QLD 4132 Co-Living $639,990 4 3 + 1 Land Size: 450m2 Available Lot 54 Ocean Place Beachmere QLD 4510 Co-Living $639,990 4 3 + 1 Land Size: 527m2 Available Lot 1047 Liberty Drive, Flagstone QLD 4280 Co-Living - Seniors $549,990 4 3 +1 Land Size: 420m2 Available Lot 12 New Road, Hillcrest QLD 4118 Co-Living - Seniors $599,990 4 3 +1 Land Size: 400m2 Available Lot 623 Bush Tucker Drive, Narangba QLD 4504 Co-Living - Seniors $639,990 4 3 +1 Land Size: 475m2 Available Lot 15 New Road Beachmere QLD 4510 Co-Living - Seniors $652,240 4 3 + 1 Land Size: 891m2 Available Lot 25 Botanica Estate, Logan Reserve QLD 4133 Co-Living - Standard $487,870 4 3 + 1 Land Size: 390m2 Available Lot 13 Edgeleigh Estate, Mt Contrell VIC 3024 Co-Living - Standard $638,800 4 3 + 1 Land Size: 350m2 Available Lot 18 Workshops St Bikeway Estate, Brassall QLD 4305 Co-Living DUPLEX $758,774 3 + 3 2 + 2 Land Size: 1060m² Available Lot 2 Rethan Court Marsden QLD 4132 Dual Occupancy $599,990 3 + 2 2 + 1 Land Size: 450m2 Available LOT 207 New Road, Morayfield QLD 4506 Dual Occupancy $539,990 3 + 2 2 + 1 Land Size: 350m2 Available Lot 78 Jensen Road, Caboolture QLD 4510 Dual Occupancy $539,990 3 + 2 2 + 1 Land Size: 400m2 Available Lot 29 New Road Redbank Plains QLD 4301 Dual Occupancy $569,990 3 + 1 2 + 1 Land Size: 483m2 Available LOT 7 Andrew Street, Bundamba QLD 4304 Dual Occupancy $579,990 3 + 1 2 + 1 Land Size: 679m2 Available Lot 32 Peverell St Hillcrest QLD 4118 Dual Occupancy $599,990 3 + 2 2 + 1 Land Size: 351m2 Available Lot 1 High Street Brassall QLD 4305 Dual Occupancy $599,990 3 + 1 2 + 1 Land Size: 469m2 Available Lot 13 New Road Logan Village QLD 4207 Dual Occupancy $599,990 2 + 3 1 + 2 Land Size: 540m2 Available Lot 15 New Road Logan Village QLD 4207 Dual Occupancy $599,990 1 + 3 1 + 2 Land Size: 542m2 Available Lot 180 Rufus Street, Narangba QLD 4504 Dual Occupancy $614,295 3 + 2 2 + 1 Land Size: 375m2 Available Lot 3 1st Ave Marsden QLD 4132 Dual Occupancy $618,300 3 + 1 2 + 1 Land Size: 500m2 Available Lot 8 New Road, Boronia Estate, Boronia Heights QLD 4124 Dual Occupancy $627,900 3 + 2 2 + 1 Land Size: 433m2 Available Lot 210 The Outlook Gympie QLD 4570 Duplex $762,374 4 + 4 2 + 2 Land Size: 750m2 Load More Properties

  • Lot 61 Parkside Bethania QLD 4205

    Lot 61 Parkside Bethania QLD 4205 Available $616,448 Property Description CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE CODE: 033 GROSS YIELD: 10.33% Weekly Rental: $1,225 Package Price: $616,448 NO SHARE SDA - 1 Participant, 1 Carer | HIGH RETURN Full Turnkey Specialist Disability Accommodation For Complete Features - CLICK Image to check Brochure Property Details Property Type NO SHARE Specialist Disability Accommodation Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 3 Contact Agent Sales and Client Care 07 5408 4151 Square Footage Land Size: 350m² Number of Storeys ​ Year Built ​ Property Location ​

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