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    • Most Aussies believe The BEST time To BUY or BUILD a property is NOW - Here's what experts think.

      Two-thirds of Australians believe it is a good time to buy property, the highest figure since mid-2019, according to a new survey. Many people have quickly shrugged off doubts about the property market, and are more confident in buying real estate than they were pre-pandemic, the national survey of more than 23,000 people, conducted each month by comparison platform Finder, found. Image: Unsplash | Source: Finder In April, as Australia was in lockdown and braced for what was expected to be the worst recession since the Great Depression, just 42 per cent of respondents thought it was a good time to buy real estate. Finder’s international insights manager Graham Cooke said the public’s perception of the security of the housing market took a huge hit as soon as COVID-19 arrived in Australia. “No one knew how deep this hole was going to be and its impact on the economy,” he said. “But it was pretty quickly alleviated and now people are more enthusiastic about buying property than before [the pandemic].” Source: Finder survey The share of people surveyed who think it is a good time to buy property rose after the economy emerged from April’s national lockdown. The survey also found those who expect property values to “somewhat increase” is up to 44 per cent, from lows of 18 per cent in April. Mr Cooke said leading economists were even more positive about the economy and housing market than the public. All of the 40-plus economists Finder surveyed in December believed Australia would stay out of a recession in 2021. “It’s very positive for the housing market,” Mr Cooke said. “All the lights are shining at the same time.” After the doom and gloom of 2020, is there now a golden window of opportunity for buyers and sellers? Or, should one tread with caution when considering entering the real estate game? CommSec chief economist Craig James said the outlook for property across the country was encouraging. “At the moment, the interesting thing is, it doesn’t matter where you travel to, home prices are rising,” Mr James said. “There were only two out of 88 regions which recorded falling house prices last month, which is quite remarkable.” But experts have warned the price of inner-city apartments, particularly in Melbourne and Sydney, could continue to fall this year if national borders remain closed, due to a drop in immigration and international students. Mr James said there were two major factors at play in the property market: interest rates and job security. “The Reserve Bank is basically saying the cash rate will remain steady for three years so that gives people a degree of confidence,” Mr James said. “I think that’s an encouraging aspect of whether you’re an owner-occupier or an investor.” Australia’s unemployment rate was also expected to peak at a much lower level than initially anticipated. “But the issue is we can never be too alert for changes in the economy, and in the health status of the nation,” he said, referencing outbreaks of coronavirus and the possibility of more lockdowns. We can never get too complacent until the bulk of the population is inoculated.” There was also the risk of policy mistakes, he warned, particularly around the future of stimulus packages introduced last year to cushion the economy. “If the Reserve Bank and federal, state and territory governments want to ease back on some of the support measures, they need to do so in a gentle fashion otherwise there will be fresh downturns in the economy.” Rich Harvey, buyer’s agent and CEO of, cautioned vendors and buyers of “economic wobbles” in 2021. “We’ll see difficult news and negative headlines,” Mr Harvey said. “But it’s about buyers understanding the bigger picture; property is a long-term proposition.” The end of JobKeeper in the second quarter would probably have a “muted effect” on the property market, he said. “Some commentators are suggesting there will be large volumes of mortgage defaults, but the evidence is very scant,” Mr Harvey said. “My advice to buyers is not to rush, but don’t delay it either.” For home-owners thinking about moving, he cautioned against waiting in the hope of snaring a cheaper property. “As long as you’re not selling and then waiting to buy, thinking that the market is going to fall,” he said. At Positive Income Properties, we know the best time to buy an investment property is NOW. With little to no return for your cash in the bank, record-low borrowing rates, an unstable and unsustainable stock market paying poor dividends we have people approaching us daily looking for an income or additional cash flow from our positive income investment properties. Call anytime and we will outline what we do and how we will help you gain financial freedom.

    • How to COVID Proof Your Business (Any business!)

      The truth is COVID is here to stay - for maybe in the next 2-3 more years until all have been vaccinated safe 100%. So what can we all do when lockdowns continue erratically in an effort to plateau the level of cases? COVID proofing your business and adapting to the ‘new normal’ is the smartest move - here are some tips to survive COVID recession. Photo: Unsplash These are quite handy for most businesses (works for property too!). Set up a Work from Home system or process for your employees This is crucial - you may need to arrange a 100% isolated workforce despite the pandemic. Think that workload will remain the same - know that your business will still be 100% operational, at least if not, you will be saving on office rental and other office expenses. Getting a smaller office space would be ideal or cost-effective or even a virtual office for all your mail etc would save you a lot of money in these challenging times without cutting off your workforce and operations. Virtual Appointments - Virtual meetings and virtual tours You would still want to be able to talk to your prospects or clients and show properties or your products - Business As Usual. You can do so even if it's a lockdown or there are travel bans everywhere. Develop virtual tour materials and create virtual rooms to talk to your clients or prospects. Revamp your services and product offerings that make your prospects money or save them money Adjust your service packages and offerings. Forms and documents can be filled out digitally signed without having the need to travel or meet face to face with a prospect. For property related businesses, you can offer incentives on purchasing properties during COVID etc - create a suite of packages that is relevant to the current situation. Be on the lookout for government grants - package your property deals wisely if you are selling properties. Work with developers regarding new build inclusions and vouchers for buyers. Provide free resources or lead magnets relevant to your industry. Check Your Website SEO and content A lot more people are going to be online over the next few weeks, constantly checking updates about the virus and economy, but also because most companies are going to implement temporary work from home policies. Because of that, the copy on your website, marketing materials, ads, etc, is going to be an especially competitive advantage right now. With the world fighting for engagement, strong copywriting will be a competitive advantage to attract the audiences you want. Make sure all brochures and product materials are for e-distribution - Go Digital Consider that the new normal is virtual meetings and emails - you cannot hand out printed brochures when you meet prospects. All your materials need to be soft copies that can be distributed via email attachments or via cloud sharing links. Make content online - everyone is on the internet searching stuff. Write articles/blogs that are timely. Set up or revise your Lead Automation and Funnel System People would be needing more time, more information, more encouragement in these current situations. No one will just jump the gun because it looks and sounds good. Consider adjusting your marketing funnel and lead automation. You may need to add a few more steps in the process to give them more time and information. Social Media is King There’s no better channel to do marketing than social media. Everyone is just going over their feed at least 4 times in an hour. That’s where you want to be. Develop marketing campaigns to reach more people online. At Positive Income Properties, we have used this model to improve our client connection and welcome any new clients to give us a call or email on any positive residential property needs you may have and yes we are BAU even during lockdowns.

    • My Take on the Year 2020 As I Start this New Year 2021

      I’ve sent out over 370 articles last 2020 and ask that you only read one, at least read this one. Photo: Unsplash Acceptance The hardest thing about the year is full acceptance of our new situation. There are tons of articles on how Covid is affecting us, including how to grab the opportunities a pandemic apparently gives. So I am not going there. It will pass. It may sound strange but I feel for anyone who is looking in the right areas that is true - Be that in our social, employment or financial lives. At Positive Income Properties, we speak to a lot of people from various walks of life and there is one main attribute with the people getting on with it. They have accepted the current “New Normal” and are working in that new norm to move forward in the 3 areas of life I have mentioned. I am accepting the new life is a transition to something better. This period will bring you something better, that’s the nature of a crisis. Be Adaptive It feels very much like this period asks to be flexible. It sounds awkward when millions of people are sentenced to home quarantining and a short walk in the park. Not the right time to do or change anything? It’s time to leave old patterns behind. There are always other possibilities. Take the government helicopter money as an example. Millions of people make more money by doing far less or even close to nothing. Who’d ever thought that was even possible? Why do you think there are no uprisings, revolutions and angry hungry crowds invading parliament house? Many people earn more money than ever. But they’re not fulfilled. Are you fulfilled with your life right now? Then 2021 is time to change that feeling. These epic times give millions of us the opportunity to go deep, to ask the one question. What fills us? What is our life purpose? What am I doing? The answer will appear in the right circumstance at the right time when these questions have been answered. Be Open to Opportunities A house stands for security, certainty, grounding, protection, safety. I am going to the same process as millions with me, maybe you too. I am redefining my life’s purpose. I am getting more and more conscious of why exactly I am here, right now, in these epic times. 2020 was a test, for many, so have a think about this year and why it will be different. Move On - Learn from what has happened I am not lazy or passive, I have explored new changes all my life in many different roles but all with the same actions and goals. Last year made me reconsider these and relook at the reasons and results of why I am doing what I do. Something is massively shifting but I can’t point out where it will lead to. But it’s good as it will help a LOT more people than we have been able to assist in 2020. To Sum Up 2020 was a year of transition. We all need to be on the lookout to be able to be at the right place at the right time. That’s what I’ve learned so far. Have a great 2021 and please call or email if we can help you with anything in property.

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    • Lot 109 Tanzanite St Pallara QLD 4110

      Lot 109 Tanzanite St Pallara QLD 4110 Available $689,990 Property Description CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE RENTAL RETURN: 5.6% Weekly Rent: $500 - $550 Package Price: $689,990 HOUSE AND LAND | HIGH RETURN Ideal as a rental investment or family home HUGE LAND Great Location in booming QLD 12 Weeks Build Time Complete Builder Inclusions 1 - 3 Year Rental Guarantee No hidden costs at turn-over Exposure to strong capital growth in SEQ Home designed and build to take max advantage of depreciation allowances For Complete Features - CLICK Image to check Brochure Property Details Property Type House and Land Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 2 + 2 Living areas Contact Agent Gil Elliott 0418 792 215 Square Footage Land Size: 503m2 Number of Storeys ​ Year Built ​ Property Location ​

    • Lot 35 Beaumont East Estate, Park Ridge QLD 4125

      Lot 35 Beaumont East Estate, Park Ridge QLD 4125 Available $532,000 Property Description CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE RENTAL RETURN: 6.64% Weekly Rent: $630 - $680 Package Price: $532,000 DUAL KEY | HIGH RETURN Complete Full-Turn Key Package With Builder Inclusions 1 - 3 Year Rental Guarantee No hidden costs at turn-over Exposure to strong capital growth in SEQ Home designed and build to take max advantage of depreciation allowances For Complete Features - CLICK Image to check Brochure Property Details Property Type Dual Occupancy Bedrooms 3 + 2 Bathrooms 2 + 1 Contact Agent Gil Elliott 0418 792 215 Square Footage Land Size: 370m2 Number of Storeys ​ Year Built ​ Property Location ​

    • Lot 34 The Oaks Pimpama, Gold Coast QLD 4209

      Lot 34 The Oaks Pimpama, Gold Coast QLD 4209 Available $609,900 Property Description CLICK THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE RENTAL RETURN: 4.3% Weekly Rent: $470 - $500 Package Price: $609,900 2-STOREY HOUSE AND LAND | ONLY 1 STOCK Ideal as a rental investment or family home Complete Full-Turn Key Package With Builder Inclusions 1 - 3 Year Rental Guarantee Golden beaches a short drive away and Brisbane city within reach The Oaks offers access to the Pimpama Junction shopping centre and the nearby Coomera Westfield for all of your shopping. For trips further away, you have easy access to the M1 Motorway and the Coomera train station just minutes away. Education facilities ranging from early childcare to tertiary institutions are easily accessible, as is Surfers Paradise by the light rail station in Helensvale. DESIGN FEATURES 4 Bedrooms with WIR and Ensuites Split System Aircon and Fans to ALL Bedrooms and Living Area 8 Additional Secure Storage Cupboards 20mm Stone Benchtops to Kitchen and Bathrooms 2,590mm raised Ceiling Heights throughout TECHNIKA Stainless Steel Appliances 600mm x 600mm Porcelain Tiles & Quality Carpet throughout $10,000 Furniture Package Included (see inclusions for full list) Solar System: 6.66kW with 5.8kWBattery Storage, 18 x Jinko JKM370 Panels, 1 x Solis RHI-5K-48ES Hybrid inverter For Complete Features - CLICK Image to check Brochure Property Details Property Type House and Land Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2 + 2 living areas Contact Agent Gil Elliott 0418 792 215 Square Footage Land Size: 402m2 Number of Storeys ​ Year Built ​ Property Location ​

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