Where to Buy Investment property based on where the Jobs growth will be?

With all the turmoil around at the moment, and concern on incomes and return rates Residential Property is still one of the best yielding and safest ways of generating a decent income.

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Cash and Shares have little, none or threatened incomes and we will always need a place to live so residential seem to still be attractive, especially with the super low lending rates you can source a loan at.

Where do I buy?

Using the current information and the cost of entry to the housing market Queensland still stands out with Single homes achieving over 5% return, Duplexes 5.5% to 6% and Dual key 6% to 7%.

  • Point 1. Most new Jobs will be created in the 3 major eastern states and three-quarters of them are expected in those states capitals.

  • Point 2. When it comes to new regional employment, the Gold Coast, Newcastle and the Sunshine Coast are expected to dominate.

We have numerous house and land packages in the SouthEast corner of Queensland as well as other regional areas.

Have a look at the numbers above, and give me a call to discuss your goals, budget and investment plan as I am sure Positive Income Properties will be able to offer a tailor made investment property.

We are a full service company from start to finish so if you are from interstate no problem - we get it all done.

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