What is considered positive income properties?

Our vision for Positive Income Properties is to provide low-risk, high return properties to our clients, we want to improve their lifestyle.

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What is a positive income property? A positive income property is a property that generates more income than it costs you to keep and that would include your bank interest, your operating costs such as insurances rates, etc, so we ONLY sell properties that return over 6%.

How We Do It?

We are a full-service company which means we actually meet with the people work out their goals and build their property investment strategy.

We then help them select the property that best suits them.

We also assist them with financing and finding the right builder to work with.

We also arrange tenants we give them a depreciation schedule and a handover report so their full property or the full product is turnkey that means they have no problems, they can be overseas on holidays doing whatever they want with a new investment being built for them and all this is done in 16 to 20 weeks.

Stay in touch and we'll continue to provide you with newly-build property stocklists and property market updates.

Happy 2020!

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