NDIS for Serious Positive Income Property Investors

We are looking for Savvy Professional Property investors - Is this You?

Who do we consider as a serious property investor?

Someone who has Three (3) or more investment properties, apart from your home. That should be a big number but really it is only just over 120,000 people or under 0.5% of Australians.

Why do we want serious investors?

Because they will know a good thing when they see it be it a Positive Income Duplex, Dual Key or NDIS property, and will have tried all the other forms of property investment such as Apartments, Small Commercial properties, Older homes and land banking.

We are in unique times where money in the bank or the stock market has minimal return and pressure on small business is mounting. There is a window of opportunity from now to early new year.

Passive income from residential property can deliver anything from 3 to 6% clear depending on the funds used.

The government has changed the onus from Banks to the lender on the due diligence and accountability, as it was once before, and they are now looking to lend at historically low rates.

We are looking for savvy investors who want to build a large passive Positive Income steam quickly that is diversified by using our services.

Do you fit this description? Do you fit the points below?

Someone who wants above 12% return per year

Someone who is preapproved up to $750,000

We will advise you of what NDIS property is about, what we do and what we currently have available in NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation NOW.

Call or email and we will send you a quote of the property listed below for more information:

  • Doolandella $749,900 12% plus

  • Griffin $601,087 12% plus

  • Leichardt $580543 14% plus

  • Bli Bli $$753,840 12% plus

Check out the data below.

How many Australians own investment properties?

According to the ATO, a total of 2,097,392 Australians own 1 or more investment properties. This means that 8.7% of the Australian population can classify themselves as property investors…This also means that less than 1 out of every 10 Australians are even remotely in a position to offer any advice on property investment. The rest can only speculate.

We are Australians who sell and who own property, so the rest are only remotely in a position to offer any advice on property investment.

The rest can only speculate about property investment.

How many Australians own 1 investment property?

The ATO data states that 1,494,837 own one investment property, which is equal to 6.2% of the population. This also means that 71% of property investors own a single investment property only. This seems to be where most property investors get stuck…

1.6% of Australians own 2 investment properties

A total of 395,924 Australians are fortunate enough to have two investment properties, which is a fairly sharp decline (1,098,913 less to exact) from the 6.2% with one investment property. This also equates to 18.9% of all property investors.

How many Australians own 3 investment properties?

A grand total of 122,639 own 3 investment properties meaning that 0.5% have 3 investment properties… you read that right, less than half a percent.

Now for the small numbers… When we get to 4 and more investment properties, the percentages start to get really small. There are only 45,162 (0.19%) people with four properties; 18,863 (0.07%) people with five properties and 19,967 (0.08%) with six or more properties. This means that there are less than 100,000 people Australia wide with four or more investment properties. A very rare club


What does this all mean?

Well, if you’re like me, it means that there are fewer property investors in Australia than I originally thought… it also means that you should be careful with who you are taking advice from.