Specialist Disability Accommodation: What is On-Site Overnight Assistance

This unique Specialist Disability Accommodation offers a “No Share” option as a single Home with one only Participant Suite (plus OOA – Support Worker accommodation) giving the Participant a choice of sharing with a Partner and not having to share with another Participant.

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Australian Disability Homes has not only placed a great emphasis on the Participant’s needs but also the needs and comfort of the On-site Overnight Assistance Staff of the Service Provider with their own private full-size Bedroom and Ensuite.

The focus on making this comfortable and practical for Support Staff to reside for short or long stays leads to a better workplace environment attracting leading Service Providers.

The “SDA Wattle 180” delivers Specialist Disability Accommodation to fulfill the needs of Participants by creating a safe, secure, and sustainable home. A Home that offers many points of difference through contemporary design, innovation, and quality to provide Participants with security, easy access, residential privacy, and those little extras that make life fun.

Each Home is built to a High Physical Support Category of SDA Standard with Platinum Inclusions and the ADH High Standard of Finishes.

Identify if there is a room for On-Site Overnight Assistance

  • The On-site Overnight Assistance (OOA) amount is only paid when an additional space is used by support staff who provide support services overnight to participants living in the same dwelling that contains the OOA space or in a near-by dwelling.

  • The form of OOA varies between Building Type and the amount of the OOA assistance payment made in relation to this space, as a consequence, may depend on whether access to the OOA is shared between multiple dwellings.

  • Table 4 describes the OOA and when OOA is payable.

Positive Income Properties with Australian Disability Homes offers the opportunity to start another socially responsible investment.

We are currently offering SDA properties in SE Queensland.

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