My Take on the Year 2020 As I Start this New Year 2021

I’ve sent out over 370 articles last 2020 and ask that you only read one, at least read this one.

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The hardest thing about the year is full acceptance of our new situation. There are tons of articles on how Covid is affecting us, including how to grab the opportunities a pandemic apparently gives. So I am not going there.

It will pass. It may sound strange but I feel for anyone who is looking in the right areas that is true - Be that in our social, employment or financial lives.

At Positive Income Properties, we speak to a lot of people from various walks of life and there is one main attribute with the people getting on with it.

They have accepted the current “New Normal” and are working in that new norm to move forward in the 3 areas of life I have mentioned.

I am accepting the new life is a transition to something better. This period will bring you something better, that’s the nature of a crisis.

Be Adaptive

It feels very much like this period asks to be flexible. It sounds awkward when millions of people are sentenced to home quarantining and a short walk in the park. Not the right time to do or change anything?

It’s time to leave old patterns behind. There are always other possibilities. Take the government helicopter money as an example. Millions of people make more money by doing far less or even close to nothing. Who’d ever thought that was even possible?

Why do you think there are no uprisings, revolutions and angry hungry crowds invading parliament house? Many people earn more money than ever. But they’re not fulfilled. Are you fulfilled with your life right now? Then 2021 is time to change that feeling.

These epic times give millions of us the opportunity to go deep, to ask the one question. What fills us? What is our life purpose? What am I doing?

The answer will appear in the right circumstance at the right time when these questions have been answered.

Be Open to Opportunities

A house stands for security, certainty, grounding, protection, safety.

I am going to the same process as millions with me, maybe you too. I am redefining my life’s purpose. I am getting more and more conscious of why exactly I am here, right now, in these epic times. 2020 was a test, for many, so have a think about this year and why it will be different.

Move On - Learn from what has happened

I am not lazy or passive, I have explored new changes all my life in many different roles but all with the same actions and goals.

Last year made me reconsider these and relook at the reasons and results of why I am doing what I do.

Something is massively shifting but I can’t point out where it will lead to. But it’s good as it will help a LOT more people than we have been able to assist in 2020.

To Sum Up

2020 was a year of transition.

We all need to be on the lookout to be able to be at the right place at the right time. That’s what I’ve learned so far.

Have a great 2021 and please call or email if we can help you with anything in property.