Investing in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

The demand for Specialist Disability Accommodation is increasing as People with a Disability continue to understand the benefits of the NDIS, National Disability Insurance Scheme, subsequently apply and receive their NDIS Plans.

The SDA sector continues to improve for the Participant as the NDIA listens to the feedback from Participants and Providers alike and revises the rules accordingly.

SDA is a good investment for Property Investors

It definitely is especially for those future retirees wishing to self-fund their retirement with Property Investment – ask us why!

We could go on expounding the virtues of Investing in this Space, yes ‘Space’, ‘Disability Space’ – it is a softer and nicer way of saying ‘Industry’ describing what many Australians are dedicating their careers to i.e., helping others in need.

Back to Investing – the Government through the NDIS has squarely landed the responsibility to supply the Housing to the Australian public.

In turn, the NDIS Support (SDA Payment) enables eligible Participants to pay much Higher Rentals resulting in Higher Returns for these very Special Homes.

The Government has made it possible through the ATO for the Investor/Landlord to use the 34-year-old model of Property Investment with relevant Tax Benefits.

It is a Win-Win situation; one cannot do without the other!

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