How to COVID Proof Your Business (Any business!)

The truth is COVID is here to stay - for maybe in the next 2-3 more years until all have been vaccinated safe 100%. So what can we all do when lockdowns continue erratically in an effort to plateau the level of cases? COVID proofing your business and adapting to the ‘new normal’ is the smartest move - here are some tips to survive COVID recession.

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These are quite handy for most businesses (works for property too!).

Set up a Work from Home system or process for your employees

This is crucial - you may need to arrange a 100% isolated workforce despite the pandemic.

Think that workload will remain the same - know that your business will still be 100% operational, at least if not, you will be saving on office rental and other office expenses.

Getting a smaller office space would be ideal or cost-effective or even a virtual office for all your mail etc would save you a lot of money in these challenging times without cutting off your workforce and operations.

Virtual Appointments - Virtual meetings and virtual tours

You would still want to be able to talk to your prospects or clients and show properties or your products - Business As Usual. You can do so even if it's a lockdown or there are travel bans everywhere.

Develop virtual tour materials and create virtual rooms to talk to your clients or prospects.

Revamp your services and product offerings that make your prospects money or save them money

Adjust your service packages and offerings. Forms and documents can be filled out digitally signed without having the need to travel or meet face to face with a prospect.

For property related businesses, you can offer incentives on purchasing properties during COVID etc - create a suite of packages that is relevant to the current situation.

Be on the lookout for government grants - package your property deals wisely if you are selling properties.

Work with developers regarding new build inclusions and vouchers for buyers.

Provide free resources or lead magnets relevant to your industry.

Check Your Website SEO and content

A lot more people are going to be online over the next few weeks, constantly checking updates about the virus and economy, but also because most companies are going to implement temporary work from home policies. Because of that, the copy on your website, marketing materials, ads, etc, is going to be an especially competitive advantage right now.

With the world fighting for engagement, strong copywriting will be a competitive advantage to attract the audiences you want.

Make sure all brochures and product materials are for e-distribution - Go Digital

Consider that the new normal is virtual meetings and emails - you cannot hand out printed brochures when you meet prospects. All your materials need to be soft copies that can be distributed via email attachments or via cloud sharing links.

Make content online - everyone is on the internet searching stuff. Write articles/blogs that are timely.

Set up or revise your Lead Automation and Funnel System

People would be needing more time, more information, more encouragement in these current situations. No one will just jump the gun because it looks and sounds good.

Consider adjusting your marketing funnel and lead automation. You may need to add a few more steps in the process to give them more time and information.

Social Media is King

There’s no better channel to do marketing than social media. Everyone is just going over their feed at least 4 times in an hour. That’s where you want to be.

Develop marketing campaigns to reach more people online.

At Positive Income Properties, we have used this model to improve our client connection and welcome any new clients to give us a call or email on any positive residential property needs you may have and yes we are BAU even during lockdowns.