Retirement: Every Purchase Takes You Further Away from it.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

And means you have to work longer. Thinking about what you buy in a different way that might just change your life.

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Money has taken on various different meanings in my life. In my 20’s, money was about what it could buy and the indulgences I could splurge on.

Over the last five years, I have spent a lot of time reading books about money so that I can be smarter with it — books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and The “Barefoot Investor.” What has resulted is an important shift in financial thinking.

It’s good to be smart with your money so it can grow and perhaps help others, but the meaning you assign to money determines how you spend it.

And how you spend your money determines what will be left, whether you’ll have money to save and whether you can use those savings to invest.

“What if every purchase you make determines the date that you are eligible to retire?”

That doesn’t mean you would retire on that particular date, but if you could retire then or go off the grid or work two days instead of seven, wouldn’t that be a nice way to live your life?

The FIRE Movement

The Fire Movement stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early.” It’s a movement of people who preach the gospel of frugal living and going through extreme cuts in spending to retire earlier.

The community use calculators that can tell you how much owning a car will affect the age you retire and what a particular home purchase will do to the money you are left with at the age of sixty-five.

Thinking about what we buy in relation to our retirement age has worked for me. The simple shift that worked was to consider the purchases you make as more time you need to spend working.

Retirement is hard to be excited by because, for a lot of us, it’s so far away. Picturing yourself with grey hair and ready to retire is an image many of us would rather not contemplate so we can enjoy our youth for just a little bit longer.

That doesn’t mean the Fire Movement is a complete waste of time.

What makes us feel happier

Rather than rely on purchases to make you happy, consider the idea that by equating money to time spent at work, you can consciously spend less so that you can aggressively change your line of work, or work less, sooner.

Making smart purchasing decisions gives you more time and that’s a freedom we can all enjoy more of.

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