Bank Rates combined with unemployment rates make for double-ended market

Arthur Naoumidis, chief executive officer of fractional investment platform DomaCom, says interest rates combined with unemployment rates also affect the type of property investments targeted by investors.

Naoumidis says when interest rates are at rock bottom, rental returns of around 4 per cent start to look very attractive compared to term deposits.

“But on the negative side for the property, there’s a clear risk of vacancy with all the pressures of people losing their jobs,” he says. 

As a result, Naoumidis says investors seeking good yields are looking into alternative property investments like rooming houses, which are performing well as renters scale down from one-bed apartments, and the NDIS housing scheme, which is government-backed and offers higher returns than standard residential leases. Also, Duplex and Dual Keyed properties return far better than bank interest.

We are investigating rent-to-own schemes, where a tenant becomes a shareholder of a rental property and debt syndication where investors fund a loan secured by a first registered mortgage, says Naoumidis.

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