Are you thinking about investing in properties in 2021? Here’s what YOU SHOULD DO

With interest rates at their current level, money in the bank is as worthless as it could get. On the other hand, property prices continue to rise. It is true that property investment isn’t completely risk-free, but if done properly, it is one of the highest-earning, income-generating businesses in any part of the world.

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If you are thinking about investing and earning $$$ by building a property portfolio in Australia, then read along. Here are a few things you can do to start on the right track - don’t fret there’s help! Before you know it, you’ll have a high-return, low-risk property portfolio.

Target dual keys or duplexes instead of single residential houses

Investors who put their money into dual keys/dual occupancy/duplexes generate a good return. While those who invest in single homes do make a profit, but only 1 income. Dual Keys/duplexes make a better income especially in popular areas.

Unlike Duplex or Dual key homes that contribute more than one source of income, a single residential home’s return on investment can decrease gradually with vacancies.

It is common to lose revenue while costs increase when searching for a new tenant to occupy your property.

Consider proximity to popular areas

Popular areas are where the population and economic growth is - and this is where you want to invest in. Rental yields are always higher being in the centre of work and commerce - demands are high and vacancy rates are lower.

You have a wider diversified market esp in areas with schools/universities, malls/shopping complexes, and offices. While it’s true that properties in these areas have a higher price point when purchasing, they are rented out (or sold) for an even higher amount.

This is because popular areas are in a business hub with access to all transport links and commercial complexes on your doorstep.

Get expert knowledge on the local area

First-time investors want a successful investment - this means that they can buy another property sooner than later. But we all know that even pros need help sourcing and financial assistance.

Positive Income Properties can help you with these using our investing checklist. Many of our properties offer high rental yields in restoration areas that continue to increase in value. If you’re struggling to start, getting expert advice may help you out and get yourself on the investment ladder.

Take advantage of low mortgage rates

Those who do their homework can turn an initial investment of $100,000 or equity can turn that into a very stable and life-changing amount in no time.

A realistic strategy combined with the current low mortgage rates, you’ll be one of the most successful property investors around. Upcoming SEQ areas provide vibrant investments as well as better and competitive property prices than most places in Australia.

Gain experience through editorials and information

This way it is much easier to invest in multiple properties and build a well-diversified real estate portfolio without taking on too big a mortgage.

Positive Income Properties does thorough due diligence of the real estate objects before they become available for investment.

Depending on the individual real estate project, property investors can expect annual average yields of over 10% p.a. or more including the tax benefits. Another good thing is that all of the investments are protected by a first-rank mortgage, this then makes it an attractive investment option for smaller investors.

Remember the growth potential of a 'pre-released property'

People don’t always choose pre-released developments when investing as it is a little riskier than something already constructed. However, if you can get in on an early bird deal, you could end up paying far less on the price for a property.

If this is something you are interested in - contact us :)

Here at Positive Income Properties - we source the right property deal based on what will work for our client. We are involved in every step of the way - (from sourcing to financing, and finally turn-over and renting the units!). Regardless if you are a seasoned property investor, a beginner or simply wanted your 1st home - we will assist you. We secure tenancy from the onset of the turn-over, please refer to our 1-3 Year Rental Guarantee HERE.