5 Reasons to Invest in Specialist Disability Accommodation

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Here are 5 Reasons why Property Investors should consider SDA as a sound Investment.

Advantages in Investing in SDA

1. Return on Investment higher than any standard property (Varies with Land Cost)

2. Participant’s SDA Payment (Tenant’s Rent) from the NDIS (Government)

3. Tenancy can be up to 20 years in regulated increments

4. SDA Payment (Rent) rises with CPI

5. If Vacancy arises, the Rent is paid by NDIS until a new Tenant found (limited)

Here are 5 Reasons why Property Investors should consider the “SDA Wattle 180”.

1. Gross Yield around 10.0% (Varies with Land Cost)

2. Unique 1 Participant ‘High Physical Support’ Home with OOA

3. 45 Upgrades over and above the NDIS Design Standard

4. This includes Smart Assistive Technology and a Courtyard in every Home

5. This makes the Home very attractive to Participants

Some Real Truths about Investing in Specialist Disability Accommodation

Our SDA properties are being built where there is a Participant need and like all Australian Property, there will be growth over the 20 year period.

Although there are few areas in SE Queensland where there is not a current record of growth, it is not an Investment in Growth it is on the Return.

At Positive Income Properties, we can help you to become an SDA property investor as a means of effectively growing your property portfolio and benefiting from High Rental Yields and Return on Investment.

Simultaneously you will be improving the lives of fellow Australians, people with a disability, by offering them our unique High Physical Support Category “SDA Wattle 180”.

This unique Specialist Disability Accommodation offers a “No Share” option as a single Home with one only Participant Suite (plus OOA – Support Worker accommodation) giving the Participant a choice of sharing with a Partner and not having to share with another Participant.

Conclusive research has found that a majority of NDIS Participants do not want to share their accommodation with others, so they desire to move away from shared housing.

Property Investors promised high yields from shared housing are not achieving these yields which have been found to be inconsistent due to Participants/Tenants coming and going. There is a far better chance of securing 1 Participant than 3 or 4.

Density restrictions limit the number of residents within a single SDA dwelling and the number of SDA participants on a single parcel of land.

These are in place to prevent the development of large residential centres or sites which have been consistently demonstrated to provide poorer outcomes for people with disability including providing significant barriers to social and community inclusion.

The No Share SDA offers around 10% Gross Yield (more or less, depending on Land content) with the security of the government-backed NDIS - and the comfort of a single Participant/Tenant who will most likely stay forever.

The No Share SDA is ideal for seasoned Property Investors who understand the NDIS SDA market, and for any Participant/Tenant wanting their own private space with everything they can ever need.

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