Positive Income Properties COVID Support Offer 

Our COVID Support Offer is worth over $6000 and only on offer while we are under these special conditions, so contact us now to start this journey


We do not charge for our services.

(1) Establish your investment property goals and financial capability. 
(2) Evaluate the market and locate suitable properties.
(3) Assist you to purchase the Positive Income Property
(4) Supervise all aspects of the build to handover.
(5) Source reliable tenants and property management
(6) Assist in all areas of achieving the best ongoing rental return possible.  

We offer a $1,100 finance health check "free of charge" to arrange a pre-approval

What is a preapproval?

Becoming a property owner in 2021 is a big goal for a lot of our clients. With that, there is one common question I am being asked...

What is: Free

  • lasts three to six months

  • makes getting a loan simple and

  • gives you the power to start looking seriously at properties?


It’s Pre-approval!

If your new year’s resolution involves real estate, then it’s time you book in with me and get yourself one of these. 



Because the real estate market has become a haven for people to invest in with the banks and the share market offering less return and certainty every day, so you need to be prepared.

Pre-approval is being asked for by developers and builders so that they can make a decision on whose contract for sale they accept.

We have seen some of our clients miss out on great opportunities due to this and recommend you take advantage of our FREE offer to have an independent broker determine your eligibility and budget to borrow for a home or investment property.

(1) We can move you forward with this information and narrow your search down to a price range that you are comfortable with and verified for.

(2) We will be able to present to you any special property opportunities that you would normally miss.

(3) We will compare all interest rates offered and present the best deals to you every time

We find the tenants and offer a rental guarantee for your financial security at No charge to you, save $500 to $700.

(1) We offer a 1/ 3 or 10-year rental guarantee offered by one of the largest  property managers in S E Queensland 

(2) Your investment risk is lessened with a Dual Key property as you have two incomes from one property. 

(3) Our rental guarantee will help you build a property portfolio quicker than not having this lifeline.

We supply a third party building inspection report to give you a completely finished property, plus a depreciation schedule saving you over $1200.

(1) By using an external building inspector our clients will receive a first-class investment completed and ready for your tenants to move in.

(2) Our depreciation schedule will allow your tax agent to reduce your taxable income 

(3) We are the experts in dual key properties and new build properties and deliver unlimited support for our clients.