SDA Property for Australians Living with a Disability.

We have over 28,000 people who require Specialised Disability Housing.

This number grows year on year and would only mean SDA Property investments will have ongoing demand for years to come.

Federal Government announced all people under 45 currently in Nursing Homes will be put into SDA Housing within 3 years and all people under 65 into SDA Housing within 6 years.

The estimated number of SDA houses required is based on only 6% of disabled people getting SDA payments. The number has doubled in trial regions and the number of SDA properties required has grown.

Last financial year $70 million in SDA funding was spent on the rental payments for SDA Property Investors. The Government’s target is $700 million!

Demand is not static. One very small cohort of Participants are spinal injury patients. Sadly, QLD alone averages more than 100 new cases of severe spinal injury every year.

What is NDIS SDA

The NDIS is a Commonwealth Government backed Scheme that includes a special rental payment to encourage investment in SDA Property called a Special Disability Allowance (SDA)

Why Invest in NDIS Properties?


  • Stable - The NDIA is backed by legislation that requires agreement from all States and Territories before any changes are made.

  • Fast Growth - To encourage investment in SDA Property, the NDIA provides a generous rental subsidy. This scale of this building project can not be over stated and has been slated as the largest social housing building program Australia has ever seen.

  • Fully Funded - The Government has committed $700m annually for payments to SDA property investors a year, indexed for the next 20 years!

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